Who I am

My name is Dr Chris King, and I'm a veterinarian and medical writer. Throughout my career, my main focus has been equine medicine, but I have a deep love for all animals and an abiding interest in all aspects of veterinary medicine and animal science. For the past 20 years, I've been integrating holistic principles into my practice and writing.

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What I do

I love animals, I love science, and I love to write, so I combine the three. I continue to do some veterinary work, but my main focus these days is the communication of scientific information among veterinarians, and between vets and animal owners. In essence, I bridge the gaps between veterinary medicine and animal care; research and practice; science and holism.

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What I offer

Vets: Whether you're a practitioner or an academic, I help get your work published in the veterinary or animal science literature and also help get your message across to your clients.

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Owners: I help decrypt the veterinary and animal science literature and provide practical information on animal health in the form of articles, books, and consultations.